How The Experts Use Language For Better Facebook PPC Marketing

How does Facebook Marketing with Contextual Ads Work

facebook marketing adsWhen you use Facebook PPC to market a product, you don’t simply post your ad on the pages of millions of individuals. That’s not how Facebook works.

Let’s assume you’re representing a small company and using direct marketing principles to sell your products. You won’t want to target other companies under this scenario.

You want to find someone in your area that has a large amount of followers, someone that you know will be interested in your pitch, and will want to pass on the information to all of their friends. And, in turn, their friends will pass the info to all of their friends as well, and so on.

In this way, you’re reaching the type of potential customer who you feel will give you the best chance of responding to your ad or content. Also, in this way, you’re letting the algorithms of Facebook work for you.