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How The Experts Use Language For Better Facebook PPC Marketing

We get asked all the time How to Get The Best Out Of Facebook With Their Marketing Tools and the languaging required and necessary for connecting with your core audience and target market.

I know a lot of marketers who simply say that Facebook marketing is simply not a particularly effective platform for mass marketing. This may be true when observing the strict definition of “mass” marketing.

Spending time marketing on Facebook probably will not get you the type of responses that a mass email campaign will net you. But, if you’re representing a small business it still be an incredibly valuable tool to use, and, as I’m sure everyone has noticed virtually all companies who maintain a website, maintain a Facebook page as well. And, most of the companies who do not maintain websites, still offer a Facebook page to spread the word about their products.

One of the negatives that I’ve heard about the idea of marketing of Facebook, is that the demographic of Facebook is changing. Younger people are leaving the website and maintaining their social media presence through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr instead, and the “coolness” factor of Facebook is fading. Reportedly, the average age of the Facebook user is beginning to lean towards middle age.

This may or may not be true. However, unless you’re in the business of selling Justin Bieber T-shirts, why should this worry you? Middle aged people have more disposable income than young people. They’re doing you a favor by leaving.And, this relates to the major point that I want to make about the benefits of a small business pursuing a Facebook marketing campaign.

How does Facebook Marketing with Contextual Ads Work

facebook marketing adsWhen you use Facebook PPC to market a product, you don’t simply post your ad on the pages of millions of individuals. That’s not how Facebook works.

Let’s assume you’re representing a small company and using direct marketing principles to sell your products. You won’t want to target other companies under this scenario.

You want to find someone in your area that has a large amount of followers, someone that you know will be interested in your pitch, and will want to pass on the information to all of their friends. And, in turn, their friends will pass the info to all of their friends as well, and so on.

In this way, you’re reaching the type of potential customer who you feel will give you the best chance of responding to your ad or content. Also, in this way, you’re letting the algorithms of Facebook work for you.

However, I’m aware that this can be labor intensive. And that’s why you should only target those individuals once you’ve had a good look at their page details, and know who their friends are, and the amount of friends that they have.

I used to work for a property developer that had a Facebook marketing campaign in which they simply told all their “friends” (mainly people selling their real estate) about the progress of their various projects. They never ventured out of that zone and explored other people to share their information with. So, when they didn’t see an increase in sales by using this method, they discounted Facebook as a marketing tool, although they kept supplying the updates to their friends.

The point of this is, if you’re going to market your company or product using Facebook, learn how the tool works first, and incorporate the way that it functions into your strategy of saturation in order to make it effective as a business tool. Don’t simply use it in the same way you would use it on a personal level, let Facebook work for you in a business and marketing sense.

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